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Swedish dating norms

Even though my then-idol Britney Spears appeared on the red carpet with an unshaved armpit in the same year that I started, I still came of age during a time when naked photos of women showed them naked , when pink-colored razor blades were marketed to girls as a cute accessory (even if they were no different than men’s razors except in color), and when I stocked my first bathroom outside my parents’ house with shaving products as a sign of maturity and independence (never mind that I didn’t know how to wash a pan).

Just Friday, reported that Swedish model Arvida Byström received rape threats after she appeared in the Adidas Originals campaign with unshaved legs, even though her blonde hair and petite frame otherwise match most existing beauty norms.

Byström is also an artist known for challenging preestablished perceptions of femininity, often posting photos of herself with body hair or cellulite.

“They wore Band-Aids on their mistakes as a cool way to let everyone know they were shaving.” For others, the drive to shave came from ideas of femininity they had acquired on their own.

A few friends have told me that, even though they don’t regularly shave, they will get the razor out for a date.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has seen me in a sleeveless top, yet, I still feel a pang of anxiety typing these words.

The thing is, even though it’s been almost 20 years since Julia Roberts proudly flashed her armpit hair on the red carpet, the social pressure for women to be more Photoshop perfect has only grown ever since.

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