Start Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

But again there was one tricky problem; since I had been using an antique (6 years old) notebook computer with numerous system resources constraints – I had been using only Microsoft Internet Explorer and no other web browser.

He suggested me to try a different web browser instead of using the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In the Symantec forum titled ‘’, I noted that even the Symantec Customer Care suggesting temporary solution of rolling back the definition date.

But again as I had discussed in the earlier part of this article, this is only a temporary solution and not a permanent fix.’ stating that 32-bit versions of Internet Explorer are being impacted as a result of a deployed definition package and they have released a fix for this issue through Live Update servers.

Considering my commitments to my company, those 4 hours of my time was wasted in finding a fix for the Internet explorer.