Start Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

Exchange, Gmail, and users don't need to use i Cloud for their calendar and contacts.

When you configure i Cloud to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, and tasks data, the service creates a custom data store in Outlook, storing the data stream under the local appdata folder (your GUID may vary): There are two data files and two temp files in this folder.

The "main.db-wal" file is a temp file and contains calendar data that syncs with the i Cloud Cal DAV server.

More information is available at Outlook and i Cloud: default data files When you receive the following error when trying to expand the i Cloud folders: Open the i Cloud control panel and sign out of the i Cloud, then sign back in (and enable syncing, if not enabled when you sign in).

When i Cloud is enabled, it moves calendar and contacts to the i Cloud folders, removing them from the Office 365 server.

After installing the i Cloud service (either as part of i Tunes or standalone), you need to configure it using the i Cloud control panel.

Although you will see i Cloud listed as a data file option in Outlook, you need to use the i Cloud service to add the data file and configure the service. You cannot add a i Cloud data file using Outlook's Account Settings, Data files, Add.

Only the i Cloud service can add the i Cloud data file to the profile. The symptoms vary, from new Contacts and Calendar created in Outlook syncing up to the i Cloud but changes made on the i Phone or i Pad not syncing down to Outlook to all of the Outlook Contacts disappearing from Outlook's "i Cloud Contacts" folder and new calendar items not showing in Outlook.