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Opie's "Maw" is mentioned only once, briefly, during the show.

Griffith later admitted that it was his fault because he had a hard time showing affection on screen, and as a result, the relationship did not appear to be real or believable.) In Season Two, Andy dated a few ladies including two nurses: Mary Simpson and Peggy Mc Millan. The producers created a long-term love interest in school teacher, Helen Crump.

Helen made her first appearance in the third season The newlywed Taylors remained in Mayberry and were featured on several episodes of the spinoff series.

In a 1965 four-part color saga starting with "Off to Hollywood", film producers plan a fictionalized feature film around Andy's sheriffing life and the Taylors travel to Hollywood to witness the proceedings.

The premise of the movie is that Andy Taylor was "The Sheriff Without a Gun," however a 1963 episode "High Noon in Mayberry" mentions that Andy has been a sheriff at least since 1952—an occasion when he had to use a gun to wound a robber.

Ellie made twelve appearances in the first season and then disappeared without explanation to the viewer.

(Donahue once stated in an interview that she left because she felt she had no chemistry with series star Andy Griffith.

Andy mentions in the backdoor pilot from The Danny Thomas Show, that he lost Opie's "Maw" when Opie was "the least little speck of a baby".