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Thai dating danmark Mariagerfjord

At length - after the elapse of nearly two years - we succeeded in producing porcelain of an acceptable quality, and besides figurines decorated with under glaze colors we now began to produce "crackled" porcelain, - vases, bowls, bowls with cover, etc.

Oh August 25th 1925 we succeeded in acquiring a suitable building on 288 Frederikssundsvej in the north-western outskirts of Copenhagen, and now began the many preparations and rebuildings necessary to production of porcelain.

Crackled porcelain is decorated on the glaze, and being a painter, my wife has created numbers of decorations for it. showing interest, but later on the Danish shops would like to sell our porcelain too, and then came other countries.

Little by little we could begin to sell our porcelain; in the beginning, it was mainly the U. Completely uninfluenced by the slow progress an the mercantile domain my father still modeled new sculptures, and by and by he got time to cultivate his passion for people from the East by creating a series of figures representing models from the Far East.

The art of sculpture affected him, and soon he realized that this was his proper field of work.