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This allowed the Old Town to be fully preserved with its iconic central marketplace.

Toruń is noted for its very high standard of living and quality of life.

In 1997 the medieval part of the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Thirteen Years' War ended in 1466 with the Second Peace of Thorn, in which the Teutonic Order ceded their control over the city to Poland.

The Polish King granted the town great privileges, similar to those of Gdańsk. In 1528, the royal mint started operating in Toruń.

In 1501, Polish King John I Albert died in Toruń and his heart was buried in Toruń's St. A city of great wealth and influence, it enjoyed voting rights during the royal election period.

In 1557, during the Protestant Reformation, the city adopted Protestantism.

Throughout different periods of time, the city was part of Poland, Prussia and Germany; in the early-modern age, the city was a royal city of Poland, it was also considered one of four largest cities of Poland, after the partitions of Poland it was part of Prussia and later on the German Empire.

After Poland declared independence in 1918, Toruń was incorporated into Polish territory, and, during World War II, as one of few cities in the country, it sustained no damage.

In 1595 Jesuits arrived to promote the Counter-Reformation, taking control of St. The Protestant city officials tried to limit the influx of Catholics into the city, as Catholics (Jesuits and Dominican friars) already controlled most of the churches, leaving only St. In 1677 the Prussian historian and educator Christoph Hartknoch was invited to be director of the Thorn Gymnasium, a post which he held until his death in 1687.