Start Trey songz dating amiyah scott

Trey songz dating amiyah scott

Trey Songz used to fly out Amiya to his shows, they were messing around for a minute.

Sources reveal Tiffany followed in native New Orlean Amiya’s footsteps, moving from Philly to Atlanta.

That’s where we’re told like Amiya, Tiffany turned many tricks to make the money to complete her transformation.

Micah tells us about their love affair in this interview with Xem Van Adams: More photos of Amiyah and Micah during happier times: Amiyah Scott Lil Wayne Were Lovers?

In an interview with, Amiyah was asked about rumors linking her to the singer.

On Friday, March 28, 2014, I sat down with MICAH DIXON at a private home located in downtown Baltimore.

The purpose of our sit down was to give Micah an opportunity to share his side of the story regarding the public breakup between he and openly transgender model, AMIYAH SCOTT.

One of the men she’s been linked to is one of your favorite singers who is constantly plagued by gay rumors. Do you think finding out she didn’t have girl parts changed their minds?