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Performance Test Case and Raw Numbers Finally, we’ve made some changes to j Query’s internal build system.

Note that if you’re looking to use this for plugin development, you should first strongly consider using something like the j Query UI widget factory which manages both state and plugin sub-methods.

Some examples of using the j Query UI widget factory to build a plugin.

We’ve seen some solid file size improvements while using it so we’re quite pleased with the switch.

As always we want to thank everyone that helped with this release – without your contributions this release would not have been possible.

These changes should open up a whole realm of new Ajax plugins that can take advantage of this extensibility.

More information can be found in the Extending Ajax documentation.

Eric Hynds has written up a good tutorial on Using Deferreds in j Query 1.5.

j Query now exposes a new way in which you can create and modify a clone of j Query – all while still taking advantage of the full j Query API.

Please take this opportunity to thank members of the j Query Team and the j Query bug triage team for their help in getting this release out the door.

As usual, we provide two copies of j Query, one minified and one uncompressed (for debugging or reading).

The team is actively soliciting feedback on the Ajax extensibility API and if you have any feedback please feel free to direct it to the Developing j Query Forum.