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Finally, your willingness to move furniture into the Library for our pre-dinner reception added the icing on the cake. Nobody but you, UK, and Spindletop is going to make an accommodation like that for a one time party.

Please convey our thanks to your staff for their hard work and to your Board of Directors for their great good wisdom in engaging you as the club’s chief executive officer.

With Roxie’s Club Member Dining Room all year round and Roxie's Veranda and The Tiki Bar and Grill in the warmer months, outstanding dining opportunities abound at Spindletop Hall. Join us for a smoothie at the Tiki Bar or cocktails on Roxie's Veranda. Especially significant to Lois and me was the level of attention that your staff was able to provide us in the lead up to the dinner notwithstanding the fact that the club had been in stand down for the month immediately prior to our event; and notwithstanding the fact that you had two other events and a respectable Friday evening dinner crowd underway simultaneous with our event.

Enjoy delicious meals made just how you like them by a chef who knows you, all while relaxing in the most beautiful settings! Those other two events (a teenage dance and a pre-teen sleep-over) were testaments to the vibrancy of the club and to your management – a fact that also was not lost on those in attendance.

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