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“We don’t take these issues lightly, and we welcome any findings that can help us run a healthier, safer transit service,” he said. Evans points out, the study is not meant to discourage customers from using GO trains.

Fahim Rahman, president of the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union, said it’s troubling that so many students are concerned enough about covering their tuition, books and other expenses that they have to find wealthy benefactors willing to pay for their schooling, usually with the expectation of sexual relationships.“I’m not surprised more students are signing up,” he said.“The really interesting thing is how the website is actively recruiting students from post-secondary schools, knowing many will unlikely be able to afford all the costs.”According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for an undergraduate student in Alberta were $5,730 in 2015.

Raham said while it’s understandable some students consider such transactions as a potential solution to financial struggles, it could come with unintended consequences.“I’m concerned about power dynamics in relationships like this,” he said.“When you’re a student, you’re definitely more vulnerable and you’re getting involved with someone who might be a bit more established in their life and career, and (the student) might be negatively impacted.”Alexis German, a spokeswoman for Seeking Arrangement, noted the average monthly “allowance” agreed upon by clients (gleaned via user surveys) is about $2,700, not including gifts or other boons.“That number varies.

Some sugar babies are getting much larger allowances than that,” she said.“It all just depends on what’s negotiated.”German said the dating service, which has 631,678 registered users in Canada (of which 412,528 are female “sugar babies”), has been successful because it allows users to transparently and explicitly outline their expectations in advance, minimizing unexpected assumptions about the relationship in the future.

But student advocates warn such arrangements can be fraught with peril, exposing them to potential exploitation or abuse with few avenues to disentangle themselves from a bad situation.

Matchmaking website Seeking Arrangement this week released its rankings of Canadian universities that have had students sign up in search of financial aid.

GO trains are in “pull mode” about half of the time, according to Metrolinx.

“Overall, these results clearly indicate that some passengers on-board pull-mode trains are being exposed to elevated level of diesel exhaust,” the research states.

The study also stated the concentrations rose “10 to 40 seconds” after the train accelerated, suggesting that speed could further exacerbate the problem.