Start Updating crontab

Updating crontab

The crontab (both initial install and updates) also pulls the running directory and script name from variables. Obviously this is missing a few things, but that should give you the general idea. * UPDATE * Ok so things are moving along, but I am still having one tiny problem. Here is the entire (pertinent) part of the script so you can get a feel for exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

The children copies of cron running these processes have their name coerced to uppercase, as will be seen in the syslog and ps output.

Booting and Shutting Down an Oracle Solaris System 5.

Managing the System Console, Terminal Devices, and Power Services (Tasks) 17. Troubleshooting Miscellaneous System and Software Problems (Tasks) Index file automatically removes any log files from the user's home directory at a.m.

The script will first check to see if the value in the config is different than the value currently in the crontab.