Start Updating my sound driver

Updating my sound driver

I've read some of the other threads on the same subject and have restarted the laptop with TV on and HDMI cable plugged in, but still no sound.

There are other drivers you will probably need, but you can often download these through Windows Update after have a working Internet connection setup.

How to find and download drivers from the manufacturers website: Drivers can normally be found in the Support section from the manufacturers website where you will find a Software and Drivers sub-section.

I tested the computer and hooked it up to my other (Samsung) TV with the same HDMI cable, and both picture and sound worked perfectly.

Again, the procedures will vary, but as long as you can find the drivers and download section, normally available within Support, you should be able to get to the drivers.

Then on the playback tab in the window that opens press right click and chech the show disabled divices and the disconnected and see if anything show up in the list. The window that opens shows two icons: The first one is my default system audio, the other shows the Sony TV. The Sony TV has a little round green icon next to it with a telephone in the middle.

You havent tell me yet if you went to your TV settings and try looking at its audio settings. When I right click in the Playback window to see disabled devices, nothing shows up.

Maybe a temporary fix would be to let you TV open, your laptop connected and restart the laptop.