Start Updating personal file folder with psd

Updating personal file folder with psd

Clicking a person’s name opens the worker’s public person page.

This eliminates the need to modify the security hierarchy for roles if specific actions are hidden for all roles. The Manage Employment task, which is the most frequently used task, is now the default task when entering the work area.

A new person quick search panel drawer simplifies the user experience so that the work area is refreshed rather than returning to the initial search.

If a new primary work relationship contains any future-dated records, the change in the primary status is propagated to the future records. Managers can now view the following employment and assignment details and flexfields when they drill down to a worker’s page from the My Team icon in the simplified user interface badges, payroll identifiers, or any other person-related identifiers are stored either at the person or the assignment levels.

The identifiers are used for assisting with integrations between different applications or proactively managing ownership of specific identifiers.

Enhance the user experience with assignment descriptive flexfield on the Change Location page.

The assignment descriptive flexfield can be displayed as part of this process through personalization so that the user does not need to manage this data as a separate process using the Manage Employment page.

Additionally, the default grade ladder ensures data integrity by checking validity between the grades defined for a job or position and the chosen grade ladder.

Streamline data entry for customers by using grade ladders.

Control editing of contacts even when they are excluded from the person security profile.

When a person security profile excludes related contacts, you can still manage the contacts of a person.

The organization chart provides public information based on the line manager hierarchy, you may optionally display dotted line relationships.