Start Updating razr firmware

Updating razr firmware

A user’s actual three-year cost of ownership will vary based on how many courses are desired and whether they are purchased in bulk.

Retail Price: At a new low price of $199.00, the Callaway u Pro is one of the least expensive devices in our cost comparison (and it only drops one notch in the comparison rankings if you add the $20 additional surcharge for the Scoring Plus module).

Fees for Access to Course Database: Users pay a per-download fee for each Pro Mode course.

Again, we are impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into the device and its presentation.

The Bad: The device relies on a side button as the primary method of accessing the Pro Mode view of the hole – this is easy enough to use once you know it’s there, but it’s not particularly intuitive.

The device has a setting that will shut down all video flyovers, but we would like the flexibility to make that decision just once at the beginning of each round, instead of having to go deep into the preferences menu to change the setting back and forth.

And yes, we realize that we’re REALLY nitpicking at this point.

Mapping Accuracy: We played quite a few rounds on a variety of different golf courses with the u Pro (we told you we really like the device! The u Pro always shows a distance to a reference point no matter how close the user is to that reference point, which enabled us to test distances at short range (and shows that the manufacturer has extreme confidence in the device’s accuracy).