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Updating split level

Each invoice may have more than one page and a number of pages per invoice is not known in advance.

The document is then split into multiple files at the locations of those pages.

Pages that contain matching text become first pages in the corresponding output documents.

This powerful feature allows processing of batches of scanned fax pages.

User can adjust sensitivity of the algorithm to process images that contain some amount of noise.

Split a PDF document based on specified level of bookmark hierarchy, every bookmark section is extracted in a separate document and automatically named using the bookmark title.

In few seconds you get a set of documents that logically split the original file, with every document even having a readable name!

A common approach is to match text that is present on the first page of every group of related pages (such as invoice or report).

Text search can be limited to a specific area on the page to eliminate unwanted text matches.

Every range of pages between blanks will be saved into a separate PDF document.

Blank pages will not be included in the output documents.

By using this splitting method it is possible to create 3 different output documents grouping sub-documents based on a stamp.