Start Updating ssl cert

Updating ssl cert

I'm also using an account with Administrator privileges. and it will show you the expiration date and thumbprint (what MS calls the certificate hash).

Then the Let’s Encrypt validation server makes HTTP requests to validate that the DNS for each requested domain resolves to the server running certbot.

An example request made to your web server would look like: The Nginx plugin has been distributed with Certbot since version 0.9.0 and should work for most configurations.

We recommend backing up Nginx configurations before using it (though you can also revert changes to configurations with Use standalone mode to obtain a certificate if you don’t want to use (or don’t currently have) existing server software.

Since the catch all simply 404's, it appeared that the site wasn't working, when in reality it was hitting the wrong site.

Certbot uses a number of different commands (also referred to as “subcommands”) to request specific actions such as obtaining, renewing, or revoking certificates.

You can right-click on the site and choose edit bindings.

In there, you should see a binding for port 443 that is associated with an SSL cert. I had the same issue and checked the bindings also.

Even when I remove the old certificate from the browser it still gets sent the old one and not the new one. If you're using the centralized certificate store you'll want to be 100% sure the file is the latest version so go to your store directory and run this command: This will show you the expiration date and hash/thumbprint.