Start Usps registered mail tracking not updating

Usps registered mail tracking not updating

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Additionally, packages that are hung up in the system somewhere can often be magically dislodged by opening a case with their customer service.

They pickup their first scan at the foreign processing hub before leaving the country. I've had packages delivered with SC, but never received the sig.

I currently have a box in limbo someplace in the US. Last tracking info shows that it was in a sort facility in SC just a few dozen miles from the sender.

They say in person its not tracking but it is completely tracking. Other folks from different areas say they have all stops tracked all the way in route. I don't think paypal will do that and besides, the buyer can still receive the package and when paypal calls to verify, the buyer can say, "I didn't receive jack". the flat rate envelopes hold a ton of stuff and are really not that much more than other options with the USPS. I dont have a problem paying $10 extra on top of what they paid to get peace of mind.