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Uwasa no futari online dating

Meanwhile, Kaito also enters the house with another girl on a dare.

Lucia wants to have a date under the starry sky, just like the day they met, and follows him around to work up the courage and ask him.

She soon finds out, however, that Kaito is visiting his parents' grave that day.

Despite this, during a festival later, Hanon, too, finds love. Hanon's mermaid form is also revealed as the South Atlantic Mermaid Princess.

However, a letter arrives from the palace in the North Pacific Ocean—Lucia's home—announcing that her coming-of-age party will take place on her birthday - the same day as the birthday party!

It chronicles the basic premise mentioned above and adapts stories from the first twenty chapters of the manga. She finds him, Kaito Domoto, but does not know it is him until later.

This is the first time she has transformed into Pink Pearl Voice, and she is able to use music to cast away the sea demon Izuru. Hanon Hosho airs her disapproval to Lucia's new relationship with Kaito, since mermaids cannot reveal their identities to a human directly, as this will cause them to turn into sea foam.

Elsewhere, a beautiful emerald found in the ruins of Rina's kingdom becomes the star attraction of a cruise liner gallery, and Eriru attempts to steal it to lure the mermaid princesses to her.