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Validatepasswordeventargs onvalidatingpassword

It was far more granular for my purposes than the default RBAC in the Provider Model.

NET 成员资格登录,Login Name 控件将显示该用户的登录名。或者,如果站点使用集成 Windows 身份验证,该控件将显示用户的 Windows 帐户名。 Password Recovery 控件 Password Recovery 控件允许根据创建帐户时所使用的电子邮件地址来找回用户密码。Password Recovery 控件会向用户发送包含密码的电子邮件。 您可以配置 ASP.

I created my CMS (called Osiris) originally with ASP in mind. Net 2.0, I had the chance to use the existing role based authentication.

With updates to the provider model, I kept changing the database until each role and a small number of users had a set of privilege flags with matching content IDs.

Yesterday, I decided to rewrite the Membership Provider into a LINQ to SQL model.