Start Vegetarian dating non vegetarian

Vegetarian dating non vegetarian

I grew up in the South in a county that had more pigs living in it than people.

Choose one or two more challenging recipes for special occasions or for when you time on your hands.

If one or neither of you cooks, turn this into a learning experience and make the food together.

If you have a choice, go south; it’s basically all vegetarian, all the time.

And delicious." data-reactid="33"Bonus Tip: Many Indian restaurants are territorial, only serving food from either the northern or southern part of the country.

Do you need a couple of separate pans, skillets, or cutting boards reserved for “meat only” prep?

Does the sight of raw meat make him or her dizzy and nauseated? My wife actually doesn’t require a separate meat pan, as long as it’s thoroughly washed after use, of course.

And she’s willing to pick up my favorite sliced deli meat at the supermarket, but I’m not going to send her into the butcher section to select a T-bone.