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While results vary amongst the research, some studies have concluded that playing long-term exposure to sex-typed video games are correlated with greater tolerance of sexual harassment and rape myth acceptance.

A better solution may be to examine the actual responses of the chatbots.

While women are a minority in computer science, they are even less well represented in the subfield of AI.

However, studies have shown that venting does not reduce emotion, but rehearses it.

People who are encouraged to express their anger are actually more aggressive in their interaction with others.

Brahnam has stated that “If we’re practicing abusing agents of different types, then I think it lends itself to real world abuse.” It is troubling if the harassment of female chatbots may contribute to the already widespread issue of sexual harassment towards women.

In a similar scenario, studies have examined the influence of violence and sexual objectification of women in video games on rape myth acceptance, or the internalization of attitudes that justify or excuse rape.

How do these social implications influence our design choices?