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What is application screenupdating

Useful for creating bots, or for interactive repair of interwiki links.

Py Auto Wiki Browser (Py AWB) is an editing assist tool for Mediawiki similar to AWB, but since it is written in Python, it is intended to be cross-platform.

Currently it is under development, but it is available for testing as a command line tool.

With this Firefox-add-on it is possible to make little edits to wiki-articles without having to leave or reload the page, so the flow in reading an article is barely disturbed. Wiki Up is a small utility for adding images and files to your Media Wiki wiki site. With Wiki Up you simply paste the image from the clipboard, click upload and then paste the Wiki-tag directly into the page you're editing. Available at Wiki's is a software to edit wikis more easily, it content buttons to go in a page, to edit a page more speedily, etc. Text, vb Cr) Then ' Just process the chunk before any newline characters ' We'll pick-up the rest with the next search . Move End Until vb Cr End If ' Don't bother to markup newline characters (prevents a loop, as well) If Not .

You can drag and drop files and images to upload instantly. Download Wiki's Win Merge is a free and open-source differencing and merging tool for Windows.

Win Merge Auto Wiki Browser – (Windows platform) Makes repetitive, tedious edits such as spell checkings or category moves faster and easier.

is a Perl script which takes a Wikified text file or input and submits it to a target Media Wiki page.

Docked to the left screen edge it shows a list of changes that occurred since the last time the list was checked.

Clicking on a change will open the corresponding diff in a new browser window. vfd_Nav Bar is a modified version of the experimental navigation bars.

While in beta please restrict editing to your own userspace, or preferably, sign up at test wikipedia and use that.

Enter the project test (not Wikipedia) and language test when running to set up the software.

It can also add links given a list of words to link.