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Who gabrielle union dating history

She admits these were some of the many 'red flags' that occurred during their 2001 nuptials, and claims it was a clue they were headed for a 'crash and burn' marriage.

The two were married in 2001 and filed for divorce in 2005Before Gabrielle and Chris' wedding day, the actress revealed the football player's proposal was 'the first of a list of many ignored red flags'.

She wrote: 'I spent the whole day at the spa and when I got back to his house, there was a rose petal path from the front door to the bedroom. He had a bucket of KFC on the floor, and he was eating KFC potato wedges with one hand while holding a ring in the other.' Gabrielle also dished it was less than 24 hours after the somewhat romantic proposal when she discovered a message on Chris' computer that hinted at an affair.

As the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle, fear set in for Gabrielle.

She wrote in her candid memoir: 'But once they all walked, it was just me, myself and my anxiety, standing at the beginning of an aisle that now seemed a country mile long.' Her father saw she was tearing up, but not out of joy.

The minister mispronounced Gabrielle's name calling her Gabriel, like the Biblical angel.

Because Gabrielle felt awkward correcting the minister, when reading her vows she mispronounced her name as well.

She recalls: 'Chris leaned in with his groomsmen, taking a huddle.