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Who is billy joels daughter dating

Word got out that the 60-year-old was getting increasingly steamed at the amount of time she was spending with an Israeli fashion designer, instead of at their Hamptons mansion.

” on PBS, in 2003 and proposed to her while on vacation in the Caribbean.

Joel, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who has had bouts with booze, has recorded more than two dozen Top 10 hits in his career.

( my I phone is not working so I have not been able to post .. each word is a struggle to post) Ryan is the sweetest, kindest, hard working man who sincerely loves and adores my precious Alexa Ray so I love him too and while we have always thought of him as family soon he really will be !

“So I was completely taken off-guard, dumbstruck, and shell-shocked- and FOR ONCE in my life, I had absolutely no words, and I couldn’t speak,” she wrote.

“I just kept staring at this ridiculously exquisite ring — and he was just hysterically laughing at me!!!

” Gleason’s Instagram page summed up his feelings in five words: “Luckiest guy in the world!!!!

Billy and Katie remain caring friends with admiration and respect for each other,” the couple said in a statement.