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Who is kendra from the girls next door dating

Raised by her mother and grandmother, Wilkinson grew up in the central San Diego suburb of Clairemont.

The first episode aired on August 7, 2005, and the show immediately resonated with audiences.

The premiere nearly doubled the average network ratings for that particular time slot.

Mansion staff members talk about all the work they need to put into any event that Hef goes to with regard to bringing glasses, wine, champagne, etc.

That night, after the concert, Kendra is excited because her birthday is coming up the following day.

She was raised by her mom, a former Eagle's cheerleader, and her grandma.

While working as a model, she was invited to Hugh Hefner's 78th birthday and became a Playmate. Born Kendra Leigh Wilkinson on June 12th, 1985, in San Diego, California.

Despite this, Hefner confirmed that the three girls are committed to a sixth season, though he has established that there will be three new live-in girlfriends.

In the meantime, Wilkinson has also managed to score her own spin-off; the show Kendra looks at Wilkinson's life after leaving the Playboy Mansion.

Crystal Harris (2012 - 2017) Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner got married on New Year's Eve in 2012.

He was 86-years-old and she was 26-years-old at the time.

The sun comes out in time for the group to hold the birthday party by the pool, and Kendra cuts the cake and opens her gifts.