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Who is ryan from teen mom dating

The others try to play that off like, “Oh no, his last time was really the worst and it will never happen again,” but considering how often Butch has fucked up and hurt Tyler, there’s no shame in him having his doubts.

It comes down to the fact that she’s diagnosed with both borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, and the medication that she’s on means that she either has to risk having a complicated pregnancy that results in an unhealthy child, or get off the medications and go through pregnancy without anything to help with her symptoms.

And if you remember last seasons, during which we saw many shots of Amber just staring at a wall for hours, you know that’s not good. Since Debra left the show — she and Farrah aren’t really speaking — there hasn’t been too much drama in Farrah’s life.

There’s some talk about how moms take care of everything and dads do nothing — which, as you’ve seen in the past few seasons, is a complete lie when it comes to Catelynn and Tyler — and then Tyler’s Mom, ready for her close-up (I always imagine that she’s being played by Allison Janney) suggests that if Tyler really wants to have a boy, he needs to start giving it to Catelynn doggy-style.

I know that sounds a little crass, but there’s really no doing it justice unless you’ve watched this scene. Ryan wants to take Bentley to Alabama for Thanksgiving and Maci wants to take him to Texas. If you guessed “not to Mackenzie’s house followed by a trip to visit Jen and Larry’s kin,” you got it in one. Considering Ryan’s track record when it comes to being there for Bentley, it’s a surprise that the kid even gives it a lot of consideration (but that’s probably mostly for Jen and Larry’s sake).

This week, Nova celebrated her second birthday, and Catelynn and Tyler threw her a huge party which I would have totally envied had I also been a toddler who was invited to this thing. She’s just getting back on her feet (she’s doing so much better, right?

Before the party, though, Tyler informed Catelynn that he’s ready to have another baby — a boy this time — and wanted her to get right on board. ); it makes sense that she’d be worried that another pregnancy could mean more postpartum depression.

Mackenzie (really starting to grow on me, anyone else?

) is, as usual, trying to smooth everything over, but Ryan insists that Maci is being a “punk” and while Mackenzie tries to explain that, hey, buddy, maybe you shouldn’t be calling your ex names on national television, Ryan gets even angrier, talking about how it’s “always about Maci” and how she’s being unfair.

And, if you’re anything like me, you probably have thoughts.

But there were so many things to have thoughts about this week.

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Gary Shirley is at it again.