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Who is selena gomez dating right now 2016

Gomez claimed that the tour would focus solely on Gomez began dating Justin Bieber "Ronda Rousey/Selena Gomez" Inside Amy Schumer. A complete list of Selena Gomez's dating history, who is selena gomez dating now may 2016 behind their relationship, and how she got together with each one. Selena Gomez's "No of Waverly Place" ends after four seasons".

The songs have simultaneously held the top three spots on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart, making him the first artist in history to achieve this.

In September 2016 he released single Starboy which subsequently reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 He then released his third studio album in November 2016, also called Starboy.

I would have two caballeros by now If I met in Texas".