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“One of the reasons that our employers are paying so much is because they are covering spouses who work for companies that will not provide insurance.”Panelist Susan Giaimo, Ph.

Her 18 year old daughter recently moved out on her own.

Without a dependent child, Skrzynski no longer qualifies for Badger Care; her coverage is set to expire at the end of this month.

“Storm Washington with our phone calls and letters,” said Vivian Beck, retired nurse and member of the Alliance for Retired Americans.

“If you’ve made a phone call already, God bless you, but that’s not enough.

"Yes, there is there is a lot wrong with the health care system. We may not get exactly what we want, but it [the senate bill] is a start." Giaimo, who has studied health care systems around the world, added, "No country that passed health care reform started with a perfect system; it took time to prefect it." “We get people elected, and then we have to get them to do what we elected them to do,” concluded MALC Secretary-Treasurer Sheila Cochran.

By the end of the forum, 113 people had signed a health care petition to be delivered to Senators Kohl and Feingold.

MALC members adjourned the meeting with a renewed commitment to write letters and make phone calls in order to keep their elected officials focused on creating quality affordable health care for all.

(Photo 1: Clarissa Barnes, a student who lost her health insurance because she was too sick to attend class fulltime.

Porter exhausted his savings on his ongoing health care needs.

When his oncologist ordered further diagnostic testing earlier this year, Porter simply didn’t have the money to pay for it.

“We have gone from mission driven health care to market driven health care,” lamented Sandy Pasch, registered nurse and State Representative.