Start Xbmc updating librtmp

Xbmc updating librtmp

In my use so far I haven’t had any issues with the default OSMC version so I might just leave it as is for now.

If the box manufacturer has put this on the packaging then the chances are the actual box itself (the components it’s made with) IS capable of these formats but what they don’t always tell you is the software/firmware the boxes are running may not be able to cope with the playback of these formats.

If you have a problem where you can hear the audio but there’s no video this is most likely one of five problems.

This guide will go through the basics of what to check…

Some android units have encountered problems with playback and these settings can need tweaking, to do so go to systemvideo and down at the bottom click on the section that says standard and change to expert.

In the video section of the settings you should now be able to change some expert settings (under the playback tab) relating to software or hardware decoding and there are also options to enable/disable certain decoding such as AMCodec.

This is trial and error, just tweak these settings until you see an improvement in playback.

Some units don’t work well with hardware encoding so they have to rely on software decoding.

I've just installed OE, and have been using most of the night testing, tweaking and getting a feel for it.