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The karyotype was confirmed using the R-banding technique.

They identified low level mosaicism in just 0.7% of males (11/766), but in 3.3% of females (51/766).

A French collaborative study on 3208 patients included in ICSI programmes was published by Gekas ., 2001).

Numerical gonosomal abnormalities were found in seven men (4.6%), but these were present in more than one cell in a sole man.

Several authors considered as mosaics those individuals who had two cells or more with the same abnormality (Meschede ., 1998).

If a second abnormal cell was observed, the analysis was considered to be complete, otherwise, the number of metaphases was increased to 50.

The statistical analysis was performed using the χ ≤ 0.05.

ICSI has become a highly effective therapeutic approach to male infertility and for couples who have experienced unsuccessful IVF (De Braekeleer and Dao, 1991).

Several cytogenetic studies have now shown a high incidence of chromosomal abnormalities, not only in the male partner of couples undergoing ICSI, but also in the female partner (Mau ., 2001).

The mean age of the 228 ICSI females was 31.9 years (SD 4.6), with a range of 22–43 years.

The mean age of the 227 control women was 30.8 years (SD 5.2), with a range of 20–43 years. Women of both groups were distributed into three age groups (Table I).

BACKGROUND: Several studies have shown an increased frequency of constitutional chromosome aberrations in male and female partners of couples examined prior to ICSI.