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I think the solution is exactly the opposite of what some of my faithful readers are proposing. Rather than leaving the community store, we need to shop our own store in more creative ways. Let’s open ourselves to the experiences that life is ready to give. Edit: Oh, and one more message to the AFCC….“Come back, sisters!

This is the guy that actually does want to talk to me via text or whatever. I might proceed with caution, but I don't suddenly cut someone off because I'm a big pussy!

When we see that the AFCC members as a general rule don’t date us, it kills us a little bit.

We feel shortchanged, especially given how hard we work to promote Asian Americans trying to make a name for themselves.

What they thought they wanted turns out not to be what they wanted after all. Or, I'm one of those crazy chicks who digs her talons into a man the second he shows the slightest interest. To be honest, I don't really understand this problem.